Daniel Gruss

Daniel Gruss - Graz University of Technology


Daniel Gruss is an Assistant Professor at Graz University of Technology. He finished his PhD with distinction in less than 3 years. He has been involved in teaching operating system undergraduate courses since 2010. Daniel's research focuses on side channels and transient execution attacks. He implemented the first remote fault attack running in a website, known as Rowhammer.js. He frequently speaks at top international venues, such as Black Hat, Usenix Security, IEEE S&P, ACM CCS, and Chaos Communication Congress. His research team was one of the teams that found the Meltdown and Spectre bugs published in early 2018.

Talk: Microarchitectural Attacks

Stefano Zanero

Stefano Zanero - Politecnico di Milano


Stefano Zanero is an associate professor at DEIB, the computer engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano University. His research interests focused on cybersecurity, in particular on the identification of current and future threats. He focuses on (large scale and automated) malware analysis, mobile security, extraction of threat intelligence from large-scale datasets, cyber-physical security and financial frauds. He associates to this an extensive experience in offensive security.

Talk: Securing Cyber-Physical Systems: Moving Beyond Fear

Federico Maggi

Federico Maggi - Trend Micro


Federico Maggi is currently employed as a Senior Researcher with Trend Micro. With more than a decade of research experience in the cybersecurity field, Federico is specialized in doing threat and security analysis on virtually any system. Federico has analyzed web applications, network protocols and devices, embedded systems, radio-frequency control systems, industrial robots, cars, and mobile devices. Federico has experience on defensive technology and research, through building machine learning-based tools for intrusion and fraud detection. He’s applied data visualization techniques for analyzing botnets, and has gained basic malware analysis and reverse-engineering on Android-based platforms.

Talk: Radio and Hardware Security Testing for Human Beings

Andrea Barisani

Andrea Barisani - Inverse Path (F-Secure)


Andrea Barisani is an internationally recognized security researcher. Since owning his first Commodore-64 he has never stopped studying new technologies, developing unconventional attack vectors and exploring what makes things tick...and break. He is a well known international speaker, having presented at BlackHat, CanSecWest, Chaos Communication Congress, DEFCON, Hack In The Box, among many other conferences, speaking about innovative research on automotive hacking, side-channel attacks, payment systems, embedded system security and many other topics.

Talk: USB Armory Reloaded

Alexandre Borges

Alexandre Borges - Blackstorm Security


Alexandre Borges is a Security Researcher, who has been daily working on Reverse Engineering and Digital Forensic Analysis for many years. He has taught training courses about Malware and Memory Analysis, Digital Forensics Analysis and Mobile Forensics around the world. Furthermore, Alexandre is the creator and maintainer of Malwoverview triage tool. Alexandre has spoken in several conferences such as DEF CON USA (2019 and 2018), DEF CON CHINA (2019), CONFidence Conference 2019, HITB 2019 Amsterdam, H2HC Conference (2015/2016), BSIDES Sao Paulo (2019/2018/2017/2016) and BHACK Conference (2018).

Talk: Advanced Malware Threats

Marco Squarcina

Marco Squarcina - Vienna University of Technology


Marco Squarcina is a Postdoctoral Researcher focused mainly on web security at TU Wien. He is passionate about computer security and hacking in its broadest sense. He plays and organises CTFs as a proud member of c00kies@venice and mhackeroni. For a couple of years he has been made the coach of the national cybersecurity team in Italy for the European Cyber Security Challenge project.

Talk: Hack the ______! Conquering Flags on the World's Stage

Carola Frediani

Carola Frediani - Cybersecurity Awareness Manager


Carola Frediani recently left journalism to become cybersecurity awareness manager in a leading online retailer. She co-founded the media agency Effecinque. She wrote on technology, digital culture, privacy and hacking for La Stampa, Agi and other Italian and international news outlets. She is the author of Dentro Anonymous. Viaggio nellle legioni dei cyberattivisti (2012) and Deep Web. La rete oltre Google - Personaggi, storie e luoghi dell'internet profonda(2014) , co-author of Attacco ai Pirati(2015), and author of Guerre di rete(Laterza, 2017), #Cybercrime (Hoepli, 2019) and the cyber thriller Fuori Controllo (Venipedia, 2019). She writes a weekly newsletter on cybersecurity/digital rights called Guerre di Rete (

Talk: Devil is in the details

Stefano Chiccarelli

Stefano Chiccarelli - Quantum Leap


Stefano Chiccarelli is a computer security expert, historical leader of the Italian telematics scene and known under the pseudonym of NeURo. He was sysop of one of the first Italian BBS and established in 1994 the Metro Olografix cultural association. The association organized in 2004 the Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA), an event in the style of the German Chaos Communication Camp, which brought together hackers ("geeks") from all over Italy. He co-authored with Andrea Monti of the book "Spaghetti hacker" (Apogeo, 1997). He is now CEO at Quantum Leap s.r.l. a Deloitte Business.

Talk: Stories from the Underground - The Italian Way

Gianfranco Tonello

Gianfranco Tonello - TG Soft

Gianfranco Tonello is graduated in Computer Engineering at University of Padua and is currently CEO of TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist. He is a malware researcher since 1990 and has published several analysis in the Virus Test Center (VTC) of the University of Hamburg and in italian specialized magazines. Gianfranco is specialized in software development using anti-malware technologies. He works as reporter for WildList Organization. Gianfranco is member of Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, Virus Information Alliance and Microsoft Virus Initiative.

Talk: Samsung Under Attack